Adriaan Stoet (Amsterdam, 1965) is a contemporary violinist who knows how to interpret both classical and modern music styles with verve. He learned his powerful violin playing from international grandmasters such as Ruggiero Ricci, Gyorgy Pauk and Viktor Liberman. In 1993 Adriaan Stoet graduated cum laude from Philippe Hirschorn (1st prize winner of the Princess Elisabeth Competition 1967).

As a soloist, Adriaan Stoet has played on a wide variety of stages in the Netherlands, including the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, the Doelen in Rotterdam, Vredenburg Utrecht, the Oosterpoort in Groningen and the Vereeniging in Nijmegen. He has also given concerts in Spain, Italy, Germany, England and Denmark. He gained fame through the complete live performance of Paganini’s 24 caprices for which he received rave reviews. In 2007 Adriaan Stoet performed for Queen Beatrix and  the German president and the American Al Gore. Adriaan Stoet has collaborated with Louis van Dijk, Emmy Verhey, Herman Krebbers, Cor Bakker and Daniël Wayenberg, among others.

Adriaan Stoet has recorded several CDs. With pianist Tjako van Schie (affiliated with the Amsterdam and Porto conservatories) he has recorded an impressive album of works by Jewish composers for the EMI label. This album received rave reviews both nationally and internationally. Adriaan Stoet also made a special CD with solo works for violin: caprices by Paganini, solo sonatas by Bartok and Ysayë.

Adriaan Stoet has been associated with the Artez conservatory in Zwolle since 2006 as professor of violin. He is also founder of and teacher at the Zwolse Violin Academy, a school for young, exceptionally talented violinists. His students have won prizes at various competitions.